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Gulf Nations lead 2024 Global Property Investment Rankings

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The Gulf power trio: UAE, Oman, and Qatar have taken a global stand, ranking within top five of the best places to invest in property

Housearch Investment Index for 2024 has cast a spotlight on the Gulf region with Oman, Qatar and the UAE emerging as top contenders for residential property investment. Ireland and Cyprus lead the global pack, but the Gulf trio isn’t far behind securing prominent positions on the world stage.

About Housearch

Housearch is a leading global online platform specialising in assessing residential properties, primarily focusing on newly constructed properties sold directly by developers or builders. Housearch aims to rank such properties in 4 criterions: investment payback, global peace index, property rights index and GDP growth.

The Gulf Trio’s Rise to Prominence

The UAE has been widely known as an attractive hub for international real estate investment and for their favourable business environment, with a tax regime that beckons investors. The recent influx of entrepreneurs, tech startups, and high-net-worth individuals has revitalised enthusiasm into Dubai’s residential market, solidifying its status as a global investment haven.

Real estate activities alone have contributed a compelling 5.5 percent to the overall UAE GDP. The year 2022 marked a record high for Dubai real estate transactions, with a significant figure of 21.2 percent of British nationals dominating the market as top buyers.

In addition, Qatar and Oman are emerging from the shadows as attractive alternatives. Global investors are increasingly drawn to these nations, pursuing dependable and steady revenue streams amidst uncertainties in traditional markets.

Qatar’s residential real estate boom is driven by a stable economy reliant on abundant natural gas, attracting foreign investors and expatriates. Government measures, like affordable housing initiatives and relaxed foreign ownership rules, amplify the market’s allure. Infrastructural development and economic diversification solidify Qatar’s position as an attractive real estate investment hub.

Furthermore, Oman has seen a surge in residential real estate, with a market value of US$228.50 billion in 2023 likely to grow each year at around 3.09%, reaching a phenomenal $364.30 billion by 2028.

Global Real Estate Evolution

The Housearch Investment Index for 2024 doesn’t just showcase the Gulf’s rising stars; it underscores a shifting landscape in global real estate investment. Amidst global economic uncertainties, the prime of which have been inflation, rising interest rates, and therefore, stalling economic growth, the Gulf countries rise as key players, offering a beacon of stability and growth. For investors seeking high-growth potential, the Gulf’s ascent in the Housearch Index presents a golden opportunity.

In a world where every investment decision counts and with traditional markets experiencing deceleration, these Gulf gems offer a promising horizon for those looking to diversify portfolios and tap into the thriving real estate potential of the Gulf.

The stage is set for investors to explore, invest, and thrive in a new era of property opportunities.