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Streamlining the Vietnam Document Legalisation Process: Save Time and Money

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Document legalisation is a crucial step in international transactions, whether for personal or professional purposes. In Vietnam, ensuring the legal recognition of your documents is of utmost importance. However, the document legalisation process for Vietnam can be time-consuming and costly. At Aspire Attestation, we understand the challenges you may encounter, and we are committed to helping you streamline the legalisation process to help with your dealings in Vietnam. In this article, we will delve into various strategies provided by Aspire that can help you save valuable time and money while navigating the document legalisation process.

Understanding Vietnam Document Legalisation

Document legalisation refers to the process of authenticating and validating documents issued by foreign institutions. This process ensures that the documents are accepted and recognised by Vietnamese authorities, businesses, and organisations. Document legalisation holds significant importance when dealing with matters such as work permits, business transactions, educational enrolment, or marriage registration in Vietnam.

There are generally three stages that document legalisation for Vietnam consists of:

  1. Document certification – Whether they are original or true copies of the original, your documents are verified and certified by a practicing solicitor or notary public. This is required for all educational documents in order to progress to the next step. Certain documents, however, do not require this service as they may be official documents that have already been certified by a competent and accepted authority. These documents include birth, marriage and Police ACRO certificates.
  2. Foreign Office Apostille Stamp – The next stage is to obtain the apostille stamp. This is only provided by the competent authority, which in the UK is the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. Your documents are checked for authentication and a certificate is issued to confirm it has been accepted. It should be noted that without this step, the embassy will be unable to complete the legalisation of your documents.
  3. Embassy Legalisation – this is the final stage of the process. Once your documents have the apostille affixed, your documents are presented to the Vietnamese embassy so that the legalisation can be finalised; the officials will check to see if the documents meet all their criteria. Once they are happy to proceed, an official stamp and seal will be issued onto the documents.

Challenges of the Vietnam Document Legalisation Process

The document legalisation process in Vietnam poses several challenges that can hinder efficiency and incur additional costs. Firstly, language barriers can arise when dealing with Vietnamese authorities, requiring translation services, and adding to the overall time and expenses involved in the legalisation process. Secondly, the process itself is complex and involves multiple stages, including certification, authentication, and legalisation, each with its own set of requirements and timelines. Navigating through these stages can lead to potential delays and complications. Lastly, time constraints can create a sense of urgency, demanding faster document legalisation, which may be difficult to achieve within the standard processing times if done individually.

Strategies to Streamline the Vietnam Document Legalisation Process with Aspire Attestation

To streamline the Vietnam document legalisation process, Aspire offers several effective strategies and services:

  1. Research and Understand the Requirements: Before initiating the document legalisation process, thorough research is crucial. Aspire Attestation can provide you with detailed information regarding the specific requirements set by Vietnamese authorities. Understanding the types of documents that require legalisation, the necessary supporting documents, and the designated authorities responsible for each step will help you complete the process more efficiently.
  2. Seek Professional Assistance: Aspire Attestation offers the services of professional document legalisation experts. These experts have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process, ensuring that your documents meet the necessary legalisation criteria.
  3. Plan and Allow Sufficient Time: Proper planning is essential to avoid last-minute delays or complications. Aspire can assist you in creating a comprehensive timeline for your document legalisation process, taking into account the complexity and urgency of your case. Allowing ample time to gather all required documents, meet deadlines, and accommodate potential processing delays will help guide you through the process smoothly.
  4. Consolidate and Authenticate Documents: To save time and money, it is advisable to consolidate all the necessary documents before initiating the legalisation process. Aspire Attestation can guide you in ensuring that your documents are properly authenticated by relevant authorities in your home country before submitting them for legalisation in Vietnam. This step streamlines the process and minimises the risk of rejections or delays due to incomplete or invalid documentation.
  5. Utilise Online Services: Aspire Attestation provides access to email submission and tracking services for legalisation. Our online platform allows for easy and efficient electronic document submission, eliminating the need for multiple visits to offices. Additionally, real-time progress tracking helps you stay updated on the status of your application, saving time, and reducing associated costs.
  6. Plan for Expedited Services: In urgent situations where time is of the essence, Aspire Attestation offers expedited document legalisation services. Our team can go through the system to expedite the processing of your documents for an additional fee. It is important to be prepared with all the necessary documents and information readily available to expedite the process smoothly.


By leveraging the expertise and services of Aspire Attestation, you can streamline the Vietnam document legalisation process, saving both time and money. Comprehensive research, professional assistance, careful planning, document consolidation and authentication, online services, and expedited options provided by Aspire can help you reach your goal more easily. Trust Aspire Attestation to guide you through the document legalisation process in Vietnam, ensuring the smooth execution of your plans while saving valuable resources and avoiding any hassle.