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Qatar Embassy Attestation Fee Structure

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If you are a UK resident intending to work or study in Qatar, or a Qatar-based company or educational institution looking to verify the legitimacy of a UK-issued document, you may need to go through the attestation process with the Embassy of Qatar in the UK. Attestation is a critical step in legalising your documents and guaranteeing their acceptance by Qatar’s relevant authorities. However, it can be a time-consuming and confusing process, especially when managing the cost structure. Aspire Attestation specialises in assisting individuals and organisations in obtaining the essential attestations for UK documents such as degrees, transcripts, marriage certificates, and others.

The Importance of Qatar Embassy Attestation for UK Documents
Qatar Embassy attestation is required for persons and organisations seeking to work, study, or undertake business in Qatar. Attestation by the Qatar Embassy in the United Kingdom provides legal recognition, authenticity verification, conformity with local rules, and protection against fraud. Without attestation, UK-issued documents may not be legally recognised in Qatar, presenting serious problems for seeking work permits, visas, or enrolling in educational institutions. Obtaining Qatar Embassy attestation confirms the legitimacy and legality of your documents, providing peace of mind and enhancing your chances of success in your endeavours in Qatar.

Fees for Qatar Embassy Attestation in the United Kingdom
The Qatar Embassy in the United Kingdom is based in London and offers attestation services for a variety of documents. The fees for documents to be attested for use in Qatar vary depending on the type of document and the type of service required. The following is a breakdown of the costs to have a document legalised for use in Qatar:

1. Documents for Education

The following are the attestation fees for educational documents from the United Kingdom:

  • Degree Certificates – £140 each
  • Diploma Certificates – £140 each
  • School Certificates – £140 each
  • Transcripts are £140 per document.

2. Personal Documents

The following are the attestation fees for personal documents from the United Kingdom:

  • Marriage Certificate – £13
  • Birth Certificates – £130
  • Police ACRO – £130
  • Letters of Power of Attorney – £140

3. Commercial Documents

The following are the attestation fees for commercial documents from the United Kingdom:

  • Company Registration – £310
  • Articles of Association – £310
  • Articles of Association – £310
  • Letters of Power of Attorney – £310

4. Additional Documents

It should be noted that not all document are listed above as there are many different types of documents that can be legalised by the Qatari Embassy.

If your document does not fall into one of the categories, you can get more information about Qatar Embassy Attestation from the Aspire Attestation website.

How to Apply for Qatar Embassy Attestation Services

In order to have your documents attested by the Qatari Embassy in the UK, the following is the breakdown of the steps involved:

Step 1: Get Your Documents

Ensure that your documents are genuine and have been issued by the appropriate authorities in the UK. For educational documents, this would be the university or educational institution that issued the certificate, and for personal records, this would be the relevant government body.

Step 2: Certify Your Documents

Get your documents certified in the UK by a registered solicitor or notary public. They will testify to the legitimacy of your documents with their signature and seal.

Step 3: Send Documents to the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)

Your documents will then require attesting from the UK Foreign Office to authenticate the legitimacy of UK documents.

Step 4: Submit Documents to the Qatari Embassy

Submit your documents to the Qatar Embassy in London, together with the embassy fees. This can be done via post or in person.

Step 5: Collect Your Attested Documents in

After the Qatar Embassy has authenticated your documents, you can pick them up in person or have them mailed back to you.

Qatar Embassy Attestation Requirements

There are various conditions that must be met to ensure that your documents are properly authenticated. The following are some of the most important prerequisites for Qatar Embassy Attestation:

  • Originals and Copies: For attestation, you must supply both the original and photocopies of your UK-issued documents. The Embassy will store the photocopies and affix its seal and signature to attest to their authenticity. It is critical that your original documents are in good condition with no damage or modifications.
  • Certification: Before presenting your documents for attestation to the Qatar Embassy, you must have them certified by a registered solicitor or notary public before having it submitted to the UK Foreign Office.
  • Foreign and Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). To ensure that the solicitor or notary public is registered, and their signature is valid, the FCDO will apply their own seal and signature. The embassy will not accept documents if this step has not been completed.
  • Translation (if necessary): If your documents are in a language other than English, you may need to have them professionally translated into English. Before presenting it to the Qatar Embassy, the translation must be certified and legalised by the FCDO.
  • Fees: At the time of submission, you must pay the applicable attestation fees. Fees may vary based on the type of document and the length of time it takes to process.
  • Valid Identification: When submitting your documents for attestation, you must supply a legitimate copy of your passport.
  • Application Form: You must complete an application form for Qatar Embassy Attestation and submit it with your documentation.

Qatar Embassy Attestation is an important step for UK residents who are looking to travel to Qatar for job, school, or other reasons. Attestation is required to verify that your documents issued in the United Kingdom are accepted by Qatari authorities. It is critical that you complete all the requirements for Qatar Embassy Attestation for your documents to be processed in a timely and effective manner. Working with a professional attestation agency can help ensure that your documents are properly authenticated and meet all criteria without any issues.